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Glaucoma in dogs: natural home remedies

Glaucoma in dogs

“Eyes are the reflection of the soul”.

I don’t know about you, but when I look deep into my dog’s eyes, I see him thinking, analyzing and understanding what I’m telling him.

Glaucoma is an eye disease that dogs can suffer from. It results from an increase in intraocular pressure and is a very painful condition, which can lead to complications such as loss of sight.

Does this disease remind you of something? This is likely because humans can get glaucoma too. That said, glaucoma in animals is generally more painful, as the pressure in the eye tends to rise to higher levels than in humans!

Does your dog have glaucoma and are you worried about seeing them in pain, about seeing their quality of life deteriorate? In this article, we present natural solutions, a gentle holistic approach to help you support your pet and offer them a better quality of life.

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Canna PetCanna-Pet® is the culmination of years of dedicated research and development in Hemp products for animals.

Thanks to the contributions of hundreds of scientists, medical researchers, and veterinarians, Canna-Pet® created the only Hemp food products designed specifically for pets. Our products are now available worldwide, Since our inception, we have distributed millions of capsules and biscuits worldwide, and worked with several major veterinary universities to study our revolutionary Hemp products. Our ongoing research and development programs propel us further to the forefront of Hemp nutrition adapted for pets.

Our exclusive products were developed with a combination of expertise in botany, phytochemistry, biology, and nutraceutical formulation; proprietary facilities designed to extract and preserve naturally occurring terpenes; and proprietary phytochemical ratios developed through years of testing with veterinarians and thousands of pets.
Base PawsBasepaws offers the first Cat DNA Kit that helps cat owners learn about their cat’s ancestry, health, and habits. By learning these factors, pet owners can be proactive to prevent health issues and minimize risks present in feline genetics. This is all done with just a bit of DNA, collected at home - it's really that simple!
Eusoh CoolAccidents, illness, wellness, and routine care expenses + unlimited televet.
Pet Support SystemsDuring the years Pet Support Systems has been making our patented orthopedic memory foam dog beds, we have been privileged to serve hundreds and hundreds of customers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, carefully and lovingly made, orthopedic pet bed made in the market. We have the best job in the whole world – making your pets healthy and happy!
Ruff GreensRuff Greens® is a 100% Natural Blend of 20 Essential Vitamins and Minerals, 15 Powerful Probiotics, over 20 Digestive Enzymes, Omega Oils 3, 6 & 9 and tons of Anti-Oxidants… all in a delicious blend that Dogs love.

What about natural health remedies? Would you like to help improve their lives?
Pet WellbeingPetWellbeing.com works directly with Veterinarians to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients go into our natural pet health products.
Pet Dedicated StoreWe know your pets mean the world to you, and here at Canna-Pet®, we pack a world of experience, research, and all-organic ingredients into each of our natural, nutritional CBD pet treats and products. As the global pioneer of hemp CBD for pets, Canna-Pet® is committed to helping your beloved companions live healthier, happier and longer lives. We do this by delivering high-quality, life-enriching pet products that provide CBD, CBC, CBG and other cannabinoids derived from enriched oil extracts of organic hemp.
Pet Dedicated StoreOkoa’s premium, all-natural CBD dog treats combine real science with pure love to enhance the well-being and quality of life of pets. Custom-formulated by Boulder holistic veterinarian Dr. Rob Silver, they combine CBD with other premium, uniquely effective natural ingredients.
Pet Dedicated Store
Pet Dedicated StorePawHealer uses highly concentrated powdered herbs. This means the formulas are extremely effective and loved by pet owners.
Pet Dedicated StoreK9 Nature Supplements is a company created by extraordinary scientists who have a passion for natural and holistic health for dogs. Our products are made with the highest quality raw materials all sourced in the US and made in the US in a FDA Approved c-GMP Facility.
Pet Dedicated StoreOver three generations ago, my family embarked on a mission to provide a range of nourishing recipes that pet parents would feel good about serving. So when we decided to create our Health Extension line, we opted to start with super premium ingredients and include a spectrum of beneficial nutrients in every tasty bite. Then we blended them precisely to deliver the optimal protein levels your pet needs to thrive. On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for becoming a Health Extension customer. If you have any questions about feeding our recipes to your pet, please don’t hesitate to call.
Pet Dedicated StoreAquapaw began with the idea that pet bathing could be made easier by rethinking how we bathe our pets from the animal’s perspective. In 2017 we launched our first product, the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool.

Our cause is to make bath time less intimidating for our pets and in turn easier for us.

The Aquapaw Bathing Tool is the world’s first wearable combination sprayer-scrubber that can be turned on and off by simply making a fist. Stay in total control over your pet and the flow of water during the entire bathing process
Pet Dedicated StoreAt Petals and Tails our goal is to help dogs and cats to live their healthiest life using simple and natural ingredients from mother nature.
We offer high quality Full Spectrum Hemp products for pets with anxiety, skin issues, arthritis, digestion and digestion issues and also to support overall health.
Pet Dedicated StoreNew Odor Technology to eliminate pet urine odors. Live PeeFree! contains billions of positive (+) ions that eliminate the foul-smelling negative (-) ions contained in pet urine. 100% Eliminates Odor - Guaranteed. No enzymes, no fragrance, no detergent, no bleach, Lab tested: 8.3X more effective than the leading enzyme brands and 10X more effective than fragrance & detergent products. Great to use on cat litter box odor or dog urine potty pads. Works on any surface, fabric or furniture
Pet Dedicated StoreBow Wow Labs is an innovative Pet Company providing safe solutions and healthy offerings to promote longevity and vitality in dogs. The Bully Buddy is our foundation product that was invented to keep dogs safe while chewing on their favorite long-term chew, the bully stick! The Bully Buddy is a safety device that prevents dogs from swallowing the last one inch of a bully stick-- this last inch has the potential to cause choking or intestinal obstruction.
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Snuggle PuppyFor over two decades Snuggle Puppy has successfully reduced stress and anxiety for hundreds of thousands of pets. We design our products to speak to your pet’s natural instincts in ways that alleviate anxiety, promote play and provide comfort and calm. Since 1997 we've been helping pets and pet parents with problems such as separation anxiety, travel anxiety, whining and barking, fear of loud noises, crying at night, crate training, and more. We've expanded our product lines to include durable plush dog toys, puppy products, and essential products a pet parent needs. Whether they’re new to the family, or perhaps just going through a tough time, our flagship product, Snuggle Puppy® is designed to provide comfort and helps relieve anxiety in your four-legged friend. Dogs and puppies are pack animals who are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. Snuggle Puppy®recreates this intimacy with physical warmth and a 'real-feel' pulsing heartbeat, providing an extra source of comfort for your pet. Snuggle Puppy helps with: -Nervousness when moving to a new home. -Whining and barking at night and when crate training. -Distress from fireworks and thunderstorms. -Separation anxiety when your pet needs to be left alone. -Any time your pet needs a little help relaxing.
Annies Pooch PopsPooch Pops is passionate about man's best friend and wants everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy our pooch-pleasing treats.
Tab CatTabcat is the revolutionary tracking device that lets you find your missing pet. Attaching easily to your cat’s collar, the device is lightweight yet robust enough to stay on whatever they get up to. With an astonishing degree of accuracy it will guide you to within 1 inch of your cat’s location. Because it has no ongoing cost, the Tabcat tracker is more effective and affordable than GPS or other similar locating systems.